Blender  Summer Camp

This course will cover Blender 3D Software basic-advanced concepts THAT ANYONE CAN TAKE!  This is a fun class that anyone of any level can take and expand on their knowledge of 3D software/skills.
  • Tools and Techniques of modeling in 3D
  • Navigation and Movement/Manipulation
  • Physics Simulation
  • Texture and Lighting
  • Rendering A Photo/Video
  • Modeling a Character/Object
  • The Different Types of Animation
  • Introduction to Quick Effects (liquid, fire, particle explosions)
  • Modeling a Character/Object
  • Navigation and Movement/Manipulation

This class is designed for young minds and are available for children’s 10 and up, using a fun and easy language we´ll guide our students through a particular concept each week. (don’t feel embarrassed if, as an adult, you want to explore something new – we’ll help find the perfect fit for you! ) After mastering the topic, they will be able to use what they learn and apply it towards building and achieving realistic goals.

We will also provide an opportunity for them to create something more ambitious as an individual or collaborative project. To ensure everyone’s success, everything will be explained step by step while demonstrating how they work. Afterwards, teacher will suggest ideas for mini-projects before the next session so everyone can explore further.

Produced by Blender Studio. Made in Blender 2.8.
Karel Alvarez

Meet the instructor

This is Karel Alvarez !, there’s no words to qualify the simplest mind I´ve know with the deepest computer knowledge all mix together. Dedicated to software for more than 18 years.

Graduated in UCLV. Cuba in Automatic Control worked in companies like Animusoft, BillShark, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Being in both sides of a game ( Worked gameplay designer and app developer) give a deep understanding of concepts that other


Join us! It will only take a minute