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Mobile Wallet solutions

We are pleased to provide customers with an easy-to-use and convenient digital card, accessible on their mobile phones. This alleviates the hassle of forgetting or losing cards due to wallet overload. Now, customers will always have quick access to their digital card anywhere and anytime.

Our platform implements a QR code to let customers download their cards in a secure, verified environment within their mobile wallets. This ensures that customer data remains safe and safeguarded from any tampering attempts.

Additionally, the use of QR codes allows for a quick and easy way for customers to access their Loyalty cards without the need for physical cards or complicated login procedures. This saves time and provides convenience to customers, improving their overall experience with our platform. Our system also tracks and monitors all card downloads, providing additional security measures to prevent any unauthorized access to customer data.

Retail loyalty programs

Establish customer loyalty with tried-and-true programs, such as stamp cards, or utilize advanced methods to create a solution designed just for your business.


Stampcard is revolutionizing loyalty programs, bringing businesses of all sizes into the modern digital rewards era. Our loyalty program can help you stand out from the competition and attract new customers.

Customer Referral

Grow your member base by enabling a referral system. Encourage current members to recruit new ones, and offer rewards for successful referrals. Offering incentives of this nature can be an effective marketing strategy.

Multi-Level Offers

Reward customer loyalty and engagement with special offers or incentivize less active customers to join your loyalty program with increasingly attractive discounts when they reach a certain tier.

Custom Point Scheme

Our point system is highly customizable, as it offers users the ability to earn different amounts of points based on various activities such as signing up, providing an email address/phone number, installing a card, and using the card.

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